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Virtual Home Buyer Tours.  Come take a tour!  Let us be your in-person, in-market real estate guide. Do you need local area, home, school system, or even super market information?  Vue Real Estate's agents are your "live" virtual real estate concierges and local market experts. Our custom guided in-person agent tours provide two-way communication between the agent and home buyer, via digital communication such as Zoom, Face Time, Skype and our secure broadcast network. Vue Virtual Agents maintain the integrity of the home buying process by fully integrating a virtual visual experience, coupled with communication, market knowledge and top technology.  We create memorable experiences for home buyers that they can revisit virtually. Are you ready to take a guided exploration with us in your new house? Let one of our local experienced virtual real estate agents navigate you from the comfort of your own home!

4 Steps to Schedule a Tour with a Vue Virtual Real Estate Agent:

 1. Call, Email or schedule on our website a virtual exploration with us. What can you expect on your first virtual appointment?

  • Install the Zoom App, then click on the invite link we send.
  • Review homes of interest and the MLS sheets using online screen share, just as we do in-person.
  • Go over areas, home needs, lifestyle, restrictions, and budget.
  • Local market Q & A for you to ask questions about the local market before we tour.
  • Schedule a time for us to start our house hunting journey together!

2. We start the scheduling process and arrange showing times.

3. Tour confirmation. We will call and confirm you have the broadcasting platform of your choice installed and both your visual and audio functions are working.  We use several different broadcast platforms, such as Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and our secure broadcast network.

4. Let’s start our house hunting journey!  We will take you on your virtual exploration through homes across town, and even a stroll through the neighborhood with just the click of a button.

Virtual Neighborhood Walk. Let’s take a neighborhood stroll! Learn, explore, see and ask questions about the community. Your agent will be able to give you not only generic videos and photos list on the MLS, but a personal one-on-one live experience.  Get a sense of your surroundings and let us do all the work. Our top local real estate experts use video equipment, such as a GoPro, to create the best “live” cinematic experience for you while driving, walking or maybe rollerblading through the area. We want to simulate the “live” experience to create an atmosphere filled with joy and the emotional triggers home buyers feel. Let us be your neighborhood tour guides!

Schedule a Virtual Real Estate Tour

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